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DePuy Hip Recall

By Eric M. Knobloch • Sep 29th, 2010 • Category: Civil Litigation, Newest Post, Personal Injury Law

DePuy Orthapedics, a Johnson and Johnson Family company based out of Massachusetts, recently recalled its ASR XL Acetabular Head System and DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System.  DePuy recalled the products as research indicates large numbers of people that received the hip replacement have experienced pain and other symptoms that lead to a second hip replacement to remove the defective product.  DePuy research indicates that approximately 12% of patients who received the defective product needed to have a second hip replacement surgery.  It appears that close to 93,000 hip replacements are affected by the recall.

DePuy itself does not have a list of patients that received the defective hip which makes it difficult to reach potential users.  Instead, those who received the defective hips are receiving letters from their surgeons informing them of the recall.  The best available evidence suggests that the product is “metal-on-metal”, which causes metal shavings to release into the body and cause significant pain and possibly blood poisoning.  In addition, the metal grinding causes the socket to become dislogdged from the hip, causing significant pain alleviated only by a follow-up surgery.  It doesn’t appear that DePuy will have any strong defense to the claims, but rest assured that the claims process will be difficult, lengthy and time consuming.

The Warshafsky Law Firm is currently handling several DePuy products liability claims and intends to seek maximum compensation for those affected.  If you or anyone you know has received a letter from your surgeon regarding the recall, please feel free to call the Warshafsky Law Firm regarding your possible claim.

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