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  • Do Video Games Dream of Electric Speech? - Tim Wu had an interesting op-ed column in yesterday’s New York Times: Free Speech for Computers? Wu’s op-ed is in part a response to a paper co-authored by Eugene Volokh, entitled “First Amendment Protection for Search Engine
  • New Poll Results: Thompson Leads in US Senate Race - Former Gov. Tommy Thompson leads three other candidates in the race for the Republican nomination for the US Senate seat open in Wisconsin this year, according to results of the Marquette Law School Poll released on Wednesday. Thompson also drew
  • Muppet Theory - I just heard Dahlia Lithwick over the weekend on NPR describing her new theory of the world — Muppet Theory — and I am convinced that this could usefully explain much of the legal system as well.  Lithwick, a writer for Slate Magazine
  • Cats and Dogs, Libertarians and Social Conservatives - There’s been an interesting exchange among libertarians in response to the Catholic Church’s kick-off of a campaign against application of the HHS mandate on contraception and “morning after” pills to certain religious
  • Money and the Recall - Paul Secunda, as a labor law professor, weighs in on the aftermath of the recall. He makes some good points. But as (I think) one of two people in Wisconsin who teach Election Law (Mike Wittenwyler, an adjunct at UW, is the other), I would like to

  • Wisconsin Lawyer June 2012: Valuing Retirement Benefits in Divorce - Married couples' retirement plans may be among their most valuable and complicated assets. Appraising plan values correctly for a fair division at divorce is a challenge many attorneys do not feel qualified to undertake. This overview of retirement
  • Wisconsin Lawyer June 2012: Greenwash: Overselling a Product's 'Greenness' - Businesses and consumers eager to sell or buy environmentally friendly products should know that not every representation accurately conveys the "greenness" of the product.Read more...  
  • Wisconsin Lawyer June 2012: Viewpoint: Making Wisconsin's Child Welfare Law Work - Too often, the child welfare system focuses on false issues, engenders adversarial rather than collaborative relationships, and delays addressing the real issues: timely resolving the safety and permanency issues crucial to a child's welfare. We
  • Wisconsin Lawyer June 2012: WebXtra Video: 'Greenwash': Overselling a Product's 'Greenness' - In this video, authors David Gilles and Matthew Kemp discuss how the government regulates environmental marketing claims to protect consumers from deception and confusion.Read more...  
  • Wisconsin Lawyer May 2012: The ADAAA: Key Changes to Disability Law - In the ADAAA, Congress amended federal disability-discrimination law to restore a breadth of coverage under the ADA. Federal courts have since made initial findings of disability in a broad spectrum of discrimination cases in which they once would

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  • Wisconsin hospitals rank high on quality, low on safety? - It's always difficult to know how much stock to put in industry rankings, especially when the industry is as complex as health care. The Wisconsin
  • BMO Harris to close eight Milwaukee-area branches - After completing a review on how to combine the M&I; Bank branch network with the Harris Bank branch network, BMO Harris Bank said it will close 24 branches
  • SC Johnson to install turbines at Waxdale plant - S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. in Racine announced Thursday that it will build two wind turbines at its Mt. Pleasant Waxdale manufacturing plant; its largest globally. The
  • Sara Lee closing Milwaukee store with outlet exit - Sara Lee Corp. is closing its 11 retail outlet stores, including a location on Milwaukee's south side, by late November, according to the Chicago
  • Slideshow: This week in photos — June 22 - Each week, we run a lot of great photos in The Business Journal to go along with our many breaking news and feature stories. We always have

  • Mitchell reeled
  • Milwaukee business travelers will feel the pinch
  • Now: Afterglow is still warm at Master Lock
  • Social Media Strategies: Using Pinterest as a business tool
  • Did you know: Co-op has diverse leadership team

  • Wisconsin angel investing grows, but much work remains
  • Servant Leadership can change your company
  • The needle really is moving the right direction
  • Wisconsin gets a large dose of positive employment news
  • Political hyperbole killed the mining bill

  • Getting More for Less - Ever devoted to extracting "value" from law firms, the Association of Corporate Counsel issued some shoutouts this week to a handful of business and law firms who came up with innovative ways to boost efficiency and cut legal
  • Prop. 8 Witness Changes Mind On Gay Marriage - David Blankenhorn, one of only two witnesses who testified in support of California's Prop. 8 gay-marriage ban during a 2010 trial, has changed his mind -- just as the Supreme Court must weigh whether to pick up the
  • Philadelphia Catholic Official Convicted of Child Endangerment - A former senior Roman Catholic Church official accused of failing to protect children from alleged molestation by priests was convicted of one count of child endangerment and acquitted of two other
  • Attorneys and Judges Behaving Badly - It's time for a Friday compilation. This week has seen a slew of lawyers and judges reprimanded for bad behavior.
  • Decisions, Decisions: How High Court Could Rule on Health - The Supreme Court is ruling next week on the Obama health law. Of the many possible scenarios, here are the most likely four, shown in order of how much of the law would be struck